Resident Engineering

From my experience, Resident Engineering means to serve as a competent contact person for the customer, acting as an „extended workbench“ for the operating departments of the corresponding enterprise – of your company.
The job is meant as a local and temporary support for projects still being served and supported from the basis. I can offer an almost daily presence of your company in the Wolfsburg, Brunswick and Salzgitter region.
As a technical representative, I can discuss problems that might occur with your customer at his premises and support product acquistion already in early project phases.


Sometimes it is complicated to discuss technical issues in video conferences. The mere glimpse at a drawing is hampered, if you have to jump back and forth into various parts of the drawing to understand complex technical matters to the detail.
Even more difficult is the procedure in assembly and installation tests when it comes to the installation of initial prototypes. As normally various new components are implemented at the same time, component-specific deviations influence each other in combination and altogether. These interactions and relationships are often only comprehensible, if you have the possibility to touch the components and work with them manually to see and understand the weak points.
Moreover, it is hardly possible or not at all to implement dynamic processes during assembly and installation tests in video conferences.

Due to „vis à vis“ talks at your customer’s place in such areas as technical development, planning of pilot series, quality assurance, logistics or other areas of your daily business, the foundation for a trustworthy start-up phase of your company in new projects with increasingly tight day-to-day schedules is ensured.

In any case, a timely representation of a company facilitates mutual understanding and collaboration and helps avoiding initial problems and misunderstandings.
In the event of possible complaints, a timely face-to-face meeting might be helpful and probably already sufficient to solve the problems. A possible further action might be a local reference point measurement (GOM or tactile). In close coordination with your company, this job can be managed and supervised by me to avoid unnecessary shipping of parts back and forth and save precious time and additional expenses for the project.


In this context, local courier services are often smiled at. Still they are very useful to deliver time-critical prototypes to the receiver just in time, as the normal logistics channels are sometimes a bit laborious.

Delivering the goods to my office provides the opportunity of a final check after the transport and prior to delivery to the customer. The handover takes place personally at the customer‘s desk, which additionally helps to build up mutual confidence, as it offers the possibility to perform a joint inspection of the components. Thus it is easier to understand the customer‘s perception and take account of his concerns, for an improved future collaboration.
The handover can take place within 1 hour from receipt of goods, provided the recipient is available. Of course, all actions are fully documented, gladly on your company-specific templates, if required.

Additionally a monitoring and supervision of the assembly tests or usage checks is possible on-site. These tests and checks can also be fully documented whereby the findings are going far beyond a simple „...does not fit!“.
Should it be necessary to perform minor reworking measures, these can be effected according to the specifications of your company right here on site , thus ensuring that the precious samples reach their destination as quickly as possible, meeting your customer‘s deadlines to the latter's satisfaction.
Conversely, I can receive time-critical components here in Wolfsburg and send or deliver them to your company without any delay. In this case, too, a personal discussion upon receipt can sharpen understanding of potential problems.  An appropriate documentation of possible findings or results can be drawn up on request.

Roughly speaking, the specified scope of services represents the potential activities on a regional basis. Of course, you can opt for any part thereof or we can modify the scope of services according to your requirements and suggestions. As a flexible business partner, I gladly respond to your requests and mutually we will certainly find a solution that is tailored for your individual needs and requirements.

Please do not hesitate to contact me.


To ensure maximum transparency, thus creating a basis of mutual trust for a good and successful cooperation, I will advert to already existing contractual partners with a colliding range of products, wherever applicable.