A global industry, which is always on the move…

Although exposed to extreme competitive pressure, nonetheless, or perhaps exactly because of this, many innovations have their roots in this industry.


“Standstill is always a step backwards ...”

Rudolf von Bennigsen-Foerder, 1926-1989
German industrial manager and long-standing Chief Executive Officer


Among some other capabilities, a continuous communication between supplier and customer is required,
together with a high degree of transparency and mutual confidence,
to stay on the ball to achieve the increasingly tight targets in the projects as smoothly as possible.


This is exactly where I want to support your efforts.
I would gladly invite you to learn more about me and my possible service offers on the following pages.


The expertise I gained in this technology area throughout the years I want to make available to medium-sized enterprises in particular,
to strengthen their business activities by a regional presence, if required.



I am absolutely convinced,

that strong business-relationships base on interhuman communication and transparency-relations
strong connections in a trustworthy and resilient network.