About me

After finishing high school and training as an industrial mechanic in a medium-sized company, I chose to study for a second degree at the University of Applied Sciences in the field of power and driven machines.

After the successful completion of my diploma thesis at Volkswagen AG, I worked for many years in the development of aggregates. During this time, components such as running gear, general engine peripherals or exhaust gas components and complete assemblies were projected by me on schedule and developed together with the respective suppliers.

After internal reorientation, in the following years I was able to prepare group-wide strategic coordination in committees close to the executive board, to accompany them in the deadlines and to bring them to a decision.

A final task within the Group was to oversee the fundamental development of new SCR tank systems, their project management and SET coordination in an existing, modular and complex vehicle class.

Since mid 2018 I am now self-employed and offer my know-how to the supplier industry.

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