Support in design and engineering tasks

Supporting activities can already start with the mere procurement of data. These data can be converted into the CAD target system required by you and transferred to your company by means of a secured database system (managed file transfer, short „mft“).

The complete creation of the CAD data from the first line to the complete set of drawings is also possible. To start with, we implement your product-specific details, of course in compliance with the existing CAD regulations of your customer.

A final data check ensures the level of quality expected.

Alternatively, the optimization of the CAD data created by your company is possible by means of a data analysis. Subsequently any measures, which may prove necessary, are shown in various, transparent options. Here again the data quality according to the regulations of the customer are secured by a final data check.

After final approval and release by your company, copying into the customer-specific database can be effected, no matter whether completely created or optimized structures are concerned.

Any necessary coordination in the course of the development can thus be supported by means of my local presence during an on-site-appointment. In this connection, I can offer you the reconciliation of your drawings „at the customer's table“ within a short time thus reducing the expenditures for your company.